Freeway OJZ7021 Kirkby

Freeway OJZ7021 a 1990 Volvo Citybus B10M-50 Alexander RV H47/37F on Ashfield School service at Sutton Road in Kirkby in Ashfield on 4 May 2018. Originally G622OTV as Trent Buses 622. Ex Redline Travel of Preston, previously Centrebus 812. Done

Police log 4/27/2018

APACHE COUNTY JOURNAL 4:32 PM Friday 4/27/2018 Muddy Spring police Captain Mark Webb took a report of a camper trailer blocking part of intersection of 5th and A & A st . Scene investigated ,warning given/trailer moved ,scene cleared ~~~~~~~~~NOTE NOT REPORT IN THE PAPER~~~~~~~~~~~~ Muddy Spring Population of about 900 ,it is also located