Wilson Arch, Arches National Park, Arizona, 2010

nomadhappyyes posted a photo: This is one of the places that I had to rush through so I could get home in time for work on Monday. I was so rushed, half the shots I took were out of focus … doh! Gunna pass this way a’gin, yep!

Elfeland EL-12 130W 18V Waterproof Semi-flexible Solar Panel For Car Battery Boat RV (1200059) #Banggood

N64PR 2007 (Vans RV-8) _DSC0066

massey_aero posted a photo: N64PR 2007 (Vans RV-8) PR-1, PAUL RICE, HARVEY CEDARS, NJ. “Flying Siren” Guest Aircraft at Massey Aerodrome Open Hangar Party & Fly-In 2016 (Dec. 4, 2016)

The Old North Sydney Ferry Terminal

I like historic photos, and by “historic” I mean “photos from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s”. From just before I was born, until the last years of the pre-9/11 era. The last years before digital cameras, and so on. One of these days, someone will look at this picture and say “Whoa! Cars in 2015