Fashion Sticky Dash Mat Cell Phone Holder – Holds Cell Phones, Sunglasses, Radar Detector, GPS. The Latest Car Pad Best Car Phone Accessories.

UniqueX sticky pad is designed to prevent slipping and sliding, the non slip Sticky Pad is the perfect accessory for your mobile device. Place the pad on an unpainted dashboard, and keep your coins, keys, sunglasses, MP3 player, cell phone, and more safe while you drive.New and improved handstands’ sticky pad for easy access and

Whistler CR75 Laser-Radar Detector with Blue OLED Text Display and Digital Compass

Whistler CR75 Laser-Radar Detector with Blue OLED Text Display and a Digital Compass is designed to help eliminate false alerts from radar based traffic flow sensors. It detects Laser Atlanta Stealth mode, Laser Ally and the new LTI Truspeed S and features advanced POP Mode speed detection capabilities that respond to brief bursts of radar.

NEW BLK Suction Cups For Beltronics, Escort And Cobra Radar Detectors

NEW BLK Suction Cups For Beltronics, Escort And Cobra Radar Detectors Auction For 6pcs. Black Colored Suction Cups!. Thank you for looking at this item !. Compatibility: Beltronics, Escort: Works with: Redline, STi Magnum, STi Driver, GX65, RX65, RX55, Vector 995, Vector 965, Vector 955, Newer Vector 940, Vector 895, Pro 100, Pro 200, Pro

Anti-Spy Wireless Signal Bug RF Detector Hidden Camera Laser Lens GSM Listening Device Finder Radar Radio Scanner Wireless Signal Alarm

Product Specifications:Product Model:CC308Detection mode: 1.Laser detection, 2.Vibration (Mute) detection, 3.Beep detection, 4.LED display detection, 5.HeadsetWireless Sweep: frequency detection range (1MHz-6.5GHz)Power in the 50mv-200mv detection range 30-50cmPower in the 300mv-600mv detection range 100-200cmPower in the 80gray-1200my detection range 300-800cmPower Built-in lithium polymer battery 450mAhCurrent Consumption: 8mAProbe laser wavelength of 920nmReceive frequency range: 1MHz-6500MHzSpecial dedicated optical lens

AutoLover® Car Truck GPS Auto 360 Degrees 16 Band V3 Laser Radar Detector with Voice Alert Warning Speed Control Detector

Global Positioning Satellite: V3 Laser Car Radar Detector V3 Laser Car Radar Detector is a very latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) System and wireless radar laser detector, which is to connect with GPS display screen, providing a safety and pleasure drive and enjoying your life. Safety is at the forefront of conqueror thinking with the

Vintage Fuzzbuster II Multi-Band Radar Detector

This old school classic plugs into your lighter and alerts you when the boys in blue are near. Styleize your ride with a retro Fuzzbuster! Product Features Bands: X and K Get More Detailed Information About This Product…

Escort Passport S55 High Performance Radar and Laser Detector with DSP with Bundle Includes, Xtreme Automotive HD DVR IR Night Vision HD Dash Camera w/ 2.4″ LCD & 16GB SDHC High Speed Memory Card

The all-new PASSPORT S55 is one of the most advanced high-performance radar and laser detector on the market. The PASSPORT S55 provides long-range warning on all radar bands and laser bands. The PASSPORT S55 introduces the following state-of-the-art performance and features: Long-range K and Ka-band radar performance, including instant-on POP mode. Exclusive AutoSensitivity intelligently filters