3-in-1 Car,Motorcycles,Bicycles Mounts Universal Car, Bike, Motors Vent Mount Holder / Cradle with Rubber Strap No Droping for GPS, cellphone and Other Devices ( Red ) (RED)

Now add a new dimension of fun to all your bike rides!

Make a call, and turn your cell phone speaker on and chat with your friends and family as you ride thru the country side on your bike!

The Gripper brings a fast easy and fun solution for what to do with your phone when you travel to work, school or other places on your bike.

Gripper is one of the very best cell phone bike holder devices on the

market. It installs on your bike handlebars in one minute or less for a

fast, easy secure installation. Gripper will work universally on just

about any type of bike ever made. Now you can bike ride worry free

about any of your expensive cell phone devices. The Gripper easily

and conveniently allows you to use your cell phones navigation, music

or phone calling features handsfree while riding your bike on all your

favorite pathways, streets and parks. Gripper is a strong, durable

gripper that can be used to secure dozens of different types of cell

phones including: iPhone 6, most of the Androids such NEXUS

6/,NEXUS 6P/ 5X,Samsung Galaxy S Series and more.

Product Features

  • One of the Toughest and Best Cell Phone Holder Bike Mounts on The Market – Hands Down!
  • Fast, Easy Installation On Just About Any Type of Bike You Can Imagine. Even Works On Motorcycles! Grips Your Cell Phone & Mobile Devices Safely and Securely Without Worry! Use it in Any Vertical or Horizontal Position too!
  • Squeeze the Double Pin Locks for a Quick Release of Your Cell Phone When You Want To Park Your Bike And Take Your Phone With You.Extremely Simple to Use. This is a Very High Quality Secure Phone Holder So You Won’t Worry About Your Expensive Phone Even While You Ride Over a Few Bumpy Roads and Paths
  • Works With All the Cell Phone Brands Such As: Iphone 6 ,6S,6 Plus ,6s plus As Well As Androids, and Many Other Devices
  • provide 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.

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3 thoughts on “3-in-1 Car,Motorcycles,Bicycles Mounts Universal Car, Bike, Motors Vent Mount Holder / Cradle with Rubber Strap No Droping for GPS, cellphone and Other Devices ( Red ) (RED)

  1. Sturdy Durable Money Spent Well I was pretty excited to purchase this for my son. He is an avid mountain biker. He has been know to bike across a valley and even to a Alaskan Mountain Top.As a Mom that gets me pretty worried no idea what he may come across. I think it’s a good idea he has his phone mounted right in front of him with easy access to call for help if needed( yes he thinks I shouldn’t worry anymore now that he is 26)I’m really impressed with this product it comes with instructions but…

  2. It is imperative that you get a mount for your phones when you are riding on a motorcycle or just a casual ride on your bicycle. This 3-in-1 mount is pretty close to being perfect just for that. It comes in red and black, very sturdy and neat mount. The mount itself is amazing when it comes to doing it on your own. The inside of the mount is very smooth and very secure for your electronic device while vehicle is in motion. The two lids at the top are movable. You will turn them outwards and…

  3. Let me be up front by saying I had originally gotten this mount for my car, but when I couldn’t figure out where/how to attach it I decided to use it on my bike. This is why it has received a 4 star review instead of a 5 star. If the box came with some instructions on this, I think it would have helped.Okay, but besides that, this is a really nice mount! It worked GREAT on my bike! There is a silicone type of material that lines the vice grip that helps the mount stay firmly…

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